Roof Drain Marker

Roof Drain Marker

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Find Flat Roof Drains Safely

No more searching for buried roof drains. Mark your flat roof drains with high visibility roof drain markers that allow for faster, safer removal of ice, snow, and debris. 

  • Reduce labor time locating drains.
  • Provide a safer work environment.
  • Reduce losses.
  • Show conscience effort to provide for public safety when coupled with a roof maintenance plan.
  • Preserve the life of your roof by as much as 50%. 

Highly Visible

Winter is a crucial time to stay on top of your roof's drainage.

Frozen over clogged drains can cost thousands in roof and interior building damage. Easy identity of your drains saves time and money on your maintenance of them. Shoveling out drains and making a clear path for melting water is vital to avoiding ponding, and refreezing of water on your roof, which can ultimately lead to collapse. 

Every roof maintenance plan includes regular routine house keeping of the drains. 


Lack of maintenance is a common reason for flat roof failure

With flag marker ends being highly distinguishable from one another, the flat markers direction can be reversed to signal that a particular drain needs repair, and/or to confirm that a drain has been cleared. 

While the size of a large flat roof can be comparable to a football field, this feature can come in handy ensuring no drains miss maintenance. 

Build to Last

One time installation has years of benefits.

Made of Marine grade corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, scientifically paired with high grade stainless steel deemed best compatibility to resist corrosion in fresh water application. Our drain flag markers are built to last the life of your roof and beyond.