3000ADF (2 - 8" Outlets) Roof Drain Specs, Outlets & Options

Dimensional data is subject to manufacturing tolerances and change without notice. 

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Large Adjustable PP Dome Roof Drain


Type No. Pipe Size (in.)
3002-ADF 2
3003-ADF 3
3004-ADF 4
3005-ADF 5
3006-ADF 6
3008-ADF 8

Specifications: The Wade 3000ADF is a coated cast-iron roof drain with flange, flashing ring integral with gravel stop, polypropylene mushroom dome, adjustable extension, secondary clamping ring with o-ring seals and bottom outlet. 





Outlet Types

Ty-Seal Outlet (-TY) (2, 3, 4, 6 in.)
No-Hub Outlet (-NH)
Inside Caulk Outlet (-IC)




Rough Bronze Dome (-3) Bearing Pan, Single (-189)
Vandal Proof (-5)  Bearing Pan, Double (-198)
Galvanized Iron Parts w/ Poly Dome (-39) Extension Flange, 1 - 4 in. (-DF)
Cast Iron Dome (-42) Perforated Extension, 2 in., 4 in. (-DFS) 
Galvanized Iron w/ Cast Iron Dome (-42, -39) Perforated Gravel Stop (-DP)
Aluminum Dome (-46) Dam (-D)
Bearing Pan / Sump Receiver (-52) Flow Control Assembly (-FCS) 
Underdeck Clamp (-53)