Smith Roof Drain Optional Variations — Sump Receiver

Smith roof drain optional variation sump receiver

Sump Receiver (-R)


A poor installation occurs when a circular hole has been cut in the roof that ends up off-center of the leader pipe. The result is usually a crooked or off-set leader. The Smith square sump receiver allows the hole to be cut oversize and square, permitting the drain to be shifted and centered over the pipe. 

The above illustration shows the probable result of not using a sump receiver. The drain body is improperly seated on the deck, causing roofing felts and other roofing materials to create a dam-like effect around the drain, resulting in a puddle in the vicinity of the drain. This problem can always be eliminated with a sump receiver.

Smith roof drain optional variation sump receiver

The sump receiver should be specified on all but poured-in-place roof drain installations. The sump receiver is a square metal plate with a recessed center opening to accept the drain body flange.