Smith 1330 8.5-in. Roof Drain Specs & Options

Dimensions are subject to manufacturing tolerance and change without notice. 

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Smith 1330 Roof Drain

* This dimension to internal stop of Speedi-Set Gastket.
△ Same for caulk, no-hub and Speedi-Set, 4-1/4 for Threaded.

Outlet Size (A) 2 in. 3 in. 4 in.


Specifications: The Smith 1330 roof drain is used in flat roof, gutter and valley construction. Its small diameter pan is particularly adaptable to gutters and valleys where limited space is available. A flashing clamp holds flashing and roofing materials without puncturing. Its low profile dome provides sufficient free area for quick rain water drainage, and protects the drain sump and connected piping from debris. Regularly furnished with a Duco cast iron body with combined flashing clamp, gravel stop and polyethylene dome.  

Recommended Deck Openings

Outlet Size (in.) With Sump
Receiver (.in)
Without Sump
Receiver (.in)
2 - 4 in.  9 dia. 7-3/4 dia.




Outlet Types

Caulk Outlet 
No-Hub Outlet




Expansion Joint (specify fig. 1710)
Extension (specify height) (-E)
"L" Shaped Underdeck Clamp (-CL)
Speedi-Set Service Weight (-L)
Speedi-Set Extra Heavy (-LXH)
Secondary Flashing Clamp (-C2)
2 in. High Water Dam (-WD)
Sump Receiver (-R)
Underdeck Clamp (-C)
Vandal Proof Dome (-U)



Optional Materials

Aluminum Dome (-AD)
Cast Iron Dome (-CID)
Galvanized Cast Iron Dome (-CIDG)
Galvanized Cast Iron Body & Collar (-G)
Rough Bronze Dome (-RBD)