STACK JACK Flashing SJ-24 (12” High-Uninsulated)

STACK JACK Flashing SJ-24 (12” High-Uninsulated)

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STACK JACK Flashing SJ-24 (12” High-Uninsulated)


Thaler Removable Cap STACK JACK Flashings consist of a metal flashing sleeve with integral flange, matching removable cap (screw fastened), and EPDM Base Seal.

Available in aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.


Condensation free.

Can be cut to suit vent pipe height.

Gases accumulating inside flashing sleeve cannot penetrate ceiling space below due to integrity of EPDM Base Seal


Suitable for plastic, steel, stainless steel, copper or cast iron vent pipes.

APPROVALS: CSA Approved to CSA B272-93 (Prefabricated Self-Sealing Roof Vent Flashings).

WARRANTY: 20 year warranty against leaks, condensation and defects in materials and/or manufacture when installed in accordance with Thaler “Installation Instructions”. Warranty not valid where metal components are subjected to unusually harsh corrosive environments e.g. pulp mills, mining facilities and similar applications. Stainless steel only is recommended for these installations.

MAINTENANCE: No maintenance required (maintenance free).