Neenah Foundry

Neenah Foundry manufactures a wide variety of cast iron products for the municipal and construction sectors, from our flagship manhole frames and covers to tree grates, detectable warning plates and a host of other engineered products.

For a full list of Neenah Foundry products, download their product catalog below. 

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Downspout Shoes (R-4926-29 Series)

Neenah Foundry also manufactures a wide variety of cast iron downspouts, which provide protection at lower levels. Click here or below to download a table detailing the various standard types in straight, offset and angular shoes. Fastening lug slots are 5/8-in.

R-4927 downspout adapters are used between the sheet metal downspout and the surface drainage pipe. Cast iron adapters are made to fit cast iron soil pipe; however, they can be fitted to PVC pipe with the use of a no-hub coupling (furnished by others).

  • Environment: No paint / oil bake / eco bake. Neenah products are 100% environmentally friendly. 
  • Coatings: Custom coatings available upon request. Powder coat, porcelain enamel, galvanized, etc. 
  • Accessories: Extensions and adaptors for custom applications.

Downspout extensions can be combined and cut to provide a wide range of lengths. 

All products are call to order, pricing is per order, and products are shipped from Neenah Foundry locations (+ freight). Contact Hy-Tech Roof Drains at 800-635-0384 for more details.