MIFAB MC-41 Fixture Carrier with Concealed Arms

MIFAB MC-41 Fixture Carrier with Concealed Arms


The MIFAB MC-41 is a floor mounted concealed arm lavatory carrier with lacquered, adjustable, ductile iron concealed support arms.

It is used to support off-the-floor fixtures so that the vertical load bearing components are concealed within the wall. The fixture carrier has no contact with the finished floor inside of the room.

The MC-41 includes:

  • A lacquered cast iron invertible and adjustable arm supporting brackets.
  • Adjustable steel nipples with locknut and set screws.
  • An alignment rod.
  • Two lacquered 2 x 1 x 1/8 in. thick structural steel uprights with 3 x 4.5 in. welded steel feet.
  • Fixture leveling and locking hardware.

MC-41 Single MC-41-2 Single

MC-41-3 Single MC-41-4 Single

MC-41 Series meets ANSI/ASME fixture carrier standard A112.6.1M-97 250 lb. load rating.

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