MIFAB MC-12D Double, Vertical Adjustable Water Closet Carrier

MIFAB MC-12D Double, Vertical Adjustable Water Closet Carrier

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The MIFAB MC-12D is a double, vertical, adjustable water closet carrier with a lacquered cast iron fitting.

It is used when a through-the-slab pipe connection is required with water closets installed on a common stack. The adjustable faceplate design permits the installer to set the water closet to the desired height from the finished floor, relative to the position of the vertical carrier fitting within the stack system.

The MC-12D is typical for off-the-floor plumbing fixtures that are wall mounted and have no contact with the finished floor. The closet carrier is completely concealed within the wall and supports the load of the fixture through a faceplate and foot support system that is anchored to the floor. Sanitation underneath the fixture is more efficiently and economically maintained when installed off of the floor compared to floor mounted.

The MIFAB MC-12D includes:

  • A 2-in. no hub vent connection.
  • A lacquered cast iron gasketed adjustable faceplate.
  • Universal floor-mounted cast iron foot supports.
  • An adjustable 8-in. tapered thread ABS nipple with integral test cap.
  • Neoprene bowl gasket.
  • Threaded rod protectors.
  • Polished chrome plated finishing cap nuts.
  • Rear anchor tie down support.



  • 14.5-in. minimum space required between front of foot and rear of anchor support. 9-in. minimum in wall space required between back of rear anchor support and back of in wall foot supports.
  • Foot supports and faceplate are assembled at the factory before shipment in the typical siphon jet water closet configuration and are reversible for the blowout water closet design.
  • The 8-in. tapered thread ABS nipple shipped standard with MC-12D Series carriers. The universal faceplate assembly accepts all nipple variations, rolling thread (-OR), cast iron (-CI) and tapered thread ABS with adjustable horn (-AH).

MC-12D-HS Series meets ANSI/ASME fixture carrier standard A12.6.1M-97.

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