Marathon Century Premium Copper Roof Drain

Marathon Century Premium Copper Roof Drain

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The Marathon Century Premium Series copper roof drain adapts to all types of membranes and roof systems. It is quick and easily to install directly from the roof top. Available in 2 to 4-in sizes.


  • Flange: 18-in. diameter 20-oz. copper.
  • Coating: Asphalt primed for BUR and Modified Bitumen, PVC coated for PVC membranes or CPA (co-polymer alloy) systems, no coating for EPDM or Hypalon membranes.
  • Clamping ring: Recommended for PVC, EDPM, and Hypalon & TPO membranes.
  • Strainer Dome: 10-in. high density polyethylene strainer dome (cast iron and aluminum also available).
  • Drain Connections: Straight or 90-degree Fernco® XJ couplings for PVC/ABS, cast iron or copper pipe.


  • Clamping ring option for single-ply roof systems.
  • Constructed of durable quality copper.
  • Provides flexible expansion type connections to plumbing.
  • Positive seal to roof membranes.
  • Custom fabrication available for non-standard applications.