Froet Drain 100C8 Roof Drain

Froet Drain 100C8 Roof Drain

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The Froet Drain® 100C8 bi-functional roof drain has two independent systems, with two inlets and two outlets. It can be used in any flat roof construction.

All parts are cast iron, not including the steel overflow riser pipe. Connections are all no hub.

  • Standard roof drain supplied with 5-in. high primary strainer and 6-in. high overflow.
  • Low profile roof drain with 3-in. high primary strainer and 4-in. high overflow
  • Ultra low profile roof drain with 1.3-in. high primary strainer and 2-in. high overflow.

Project Options:

  • Ultra low profile
  • Low profile
  • Deck clamp
  • Alternate deck clamp
  • Drain pan
  • Deck mounting plate
  • Overflow strainer
  • Overflow strainer low profile
  • Elevation ring for 1-1/2-in. insulation
  • Elevation ring for 2-in. insulation
  • Vent pipe
  • Vandal secure strainer

Note: Overflow strainer (OFS) is not included with base drain. The OFS designation must be in part number to include overflow strainer. The vandal secure strainer is standard with the OFS, but optional when not using the OFS.

Installation Tips:

Due to the large size of the 8-in. drain, we use the elevation rings and the deck mounting plate to elevate the drain for insulation thicknesses. Our more than 8-in. of clearance to the primary outlet will clear the thickness of most concrete decks. If you are dealing with a deck thicker than this, contact Froet Industries for a solution.

Froet Industries recommends creating a sump with the insulation to promote flow and prevent ponding due to the height of the drain ring. Ponding at the roof drain is likely to increase the frequency of the drain strainer becoming obstructed with debris. 

The roofing contractor needs to install roofing membrane to avoid obstructing the primary sump area.

Froet 100C8 Roof Drain